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Husband & Wife Team Win Targa Tasmania Shannons Classic GT

13059582_10154904276939062_1634814268_nA Gold Coast husband and wife team have just won Targa Tasmania Shannons Classic GT, the first Datsun 240z to win Classic GT/Classic Outright.

Jon and Gina Siddins, known as Team 24oz (24 ounce) are the dynamic Datsun duo who have just competed in Targa Tasmania’s 25th anniversary after 15 years in the competition.

They competed in their 1970 Datsun 240z and won Shannons Classic GT and won their class with a compelling 5 minute 25 second lead.

Datsun 240z’s were first known as the poor man’s e-type jag when they were first brought into Australia. They are affectionately called 24 ounce (24oz), hence the name Team 24oz.

Jon and Gina will next compete in Targa High Country in November 2016.

They had much interest on their Team 24oz Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/team24oz/ sharing their daily highlights courtesy of Other Side Productions.

Gina and Jon navigated over 2000kms and 40 competitive stages on closed roads in Targa Tasmania, an event for the true motorsport enthusiast.


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